U.K. dentist suspended after patient death

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A dentist in the U.K. has been suspended from practicing for 12 months after a patient who was on a blood-thinning medication bled to death soon after having 10 teeth extracted due to advanced periodontal disease.

Tushar Patel, BDS, worked at Confidental Clinics in Purley and treated the patient in the summer of 2017, according to an October 22 story in the Telegraph. The women had been taking warfarin for a rare blood condition that causes blood to clot. Dr. Patel failed to tell the patient about the increased risk of bleeding from the procedure, according to the article.

Dr. Patel removed the patient's maxillary teeth over two appointments, but the patient collapsed hours after her second appointment and was taken to a hospital, where she died soon after. A coroner ruled the cause of death was hemorrhage from the tooth extraction site, her warfarin treatment, and the dental extraction.

The report from the U.K. General Dental Council concluded that Dr. Patel breached clinical care and that his actions were "incompatible with remaining on the register."

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