Thoughts on how to practice dentistry in the age of coronavirus

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Dr. David Rice, clinical editor for and founder of IgniteDDS, offers some advice for dentists and dental team members on how to keep working in the midst of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic.

Because of the continued outbreak of the coronavirus disease, the world has changed dramatically over the last few weeks. Business also has changed, and that includes the business of dentistry.

Your patients probably are asking you questions about the coronavirus. You're probably wondering how to answer them. You and your team members may be nervous about working during this time. You also may be nervous about what will happen to your business during this time.

We get those concerns. That's why we asked our clinical editor, David Rice, DDS, for some advice and how he is handling this time in his upstate New York practice. He shares his thoughts and advice in the video below.

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