How you can ensure your Eaglesoft software is running at an optimal level

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Editor's note: This year, we are once again providing a series of articles focused on practice management software tips. These articles are designed to help dentists and team members understand their individual practice management software programs better.

Today, we have another Eaglesoft tip from Ann-Marie DePalma, a technology adviser with Patterson Dental. Earlier this month, we posted a Q&A from experts representing Dentrix and Curve Dental.

Q: What is an Eaglesoft checkup and how do I get one?

A: As we begin the new year, everyone sets goals, resolutions, and priorities for the year, whether for the practice or your personal life. For the practice, teams often review where they have been the past year and where they want to be for the coming year. Yes, 2020 did not go as planned, but with preparation, despite unforeseen events, 2021 can be better. Utilizing Eaglesoft in the best manner for the practice is one way to accomplish that goal. An Eaglesoft checkup optimizes Eaglesoft for the practice while achieving the practice's goals.

Ann-Marie DePalma, CDA, RDH, MEd.Ann-Marie DePalma, CDA, RDH, MEd.

An Eaglesoft checkup is an individual practice review done by one of Patterson's software technology advisers, who will review several areas of the software. It includes a written report of areas that are working well and areas that could use improvement. The checkup reviews insurance claim management, accounts receivable, recalls, outstanding treatment plans, patient analysis, daily/monthly/yearly processes, systems backups, and any other areas or reports the practice would like to review. The information can be reviewed during normal business hours with no interruption to the practice's daily schedule and takes about an hour. It can be done remotely or in-person, requiring only an available Eaglesoft computer for the technology adviser. The best part is that it is a complimentary service (a $300 value)!

The Patterson software technology advisers are the experts in understanding Eaglesoft and how it can be used to improve practice productivity and profitability. With the Eaglesoft checkup, the technology adviser provides insights, observations, and findings specific to the practice. If training is recommended, the technology adviser knows the areas the practice would like to focus on rather than doing a generalized training, whether that be business or clinical team training, along with the appropriate time needed for training. At times, training is not recommended since the practice is utilizing the software correctly or has maintained the latest updates.

When we schedule our cars for routine maintenance, or we recommend three- to six-month recare appointments for our patients, we do so based on the individual circumstances. That's why the Eaglesoft checkup provides the practice with a picture of its individual needs. No two practices are exactly alike, and the checkup uncovers the uniqueness of the practice and how Eaglesoft can best be utilized to accomplish the practice's goals.

The best way to describe an Eaglesoft checkup is as a comprehensive evaluation. The technology adviser gathers data and then develops a diagnosis and treatment plan for Eaglesoft for the practice. Team members provide treatment plans for patients, so let the software technology adviser provide a treatment plan for your practice and Eaglesoft.

For more information regarding scheduling an Eaglesoft checkup for your practice, contact your local Patterson branch or software technology adviser or your Patterson sales representative. You can also reach me by the email link below.

Ann-Marie DePalma, CDA, RDH, MEd, is a fellow and certified educator of the Association of Dental Implant Auxiliaries (ADIA) and a fellow of the American Academy of Dental Hygiene (AADH). She spent more than 25 years in clinical hygiene and is currently employed as a technology adviser/trainer for Patterson Dental. She can be reached by email.

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