SalaryScan 2022: How does your salary stack up?

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The average base annual salary for a member dentist is $307,636, according to results from's first annual SalaryScan survey of benefits and compensation. But gender, age, and practice type affected earnings.

Of the dentists who responded to the SalaryScan survey, 56% were between the ages of 45 and 64, 25% were 65 or older, and the remaining 19% were 44 or younger. As for gender, 76% reported as men and 24% as female. Most respondents were general dentists (76%), and the remainder were specialists, including oral and maxillofacial surgeons.

When examining the numbers by age, topping the charts for U.S. dentist salaries were clinicians between the ages of 36 and 44, with an average salary of $392,103. Those between the ages of 45 and 64 came in second, with an average annual base salary of $309,550. Meanwhile, dentists 65 and older made the least, with an average salary of $262,194. SalaryScan dentist salaries broken down by age

As for gender, men outearn women, with average annual salaries of $340,271 and $248,653, respectively. The data for gender were not weighted to account for factors that affect pay, such as age, practice type, and hours worked.

Specialties and practice type

Unsurprisingly, specialists, such as pediatric dentists and oral and maxillofacial surgeons, pulled in higher average salaries than general dentists. Surgeons made the top of the list, with an average salary of $541,182, while periodontists had the lowest average annual salary of $282,136. SalaryScan dentist salaries broken down by type of specialty

As for practice type, the largest number of respondents worked at private solo practices (57%). Of those who participated in the survey, 29% worked at private group practices, 8% worked at dental service organizations, and 6% were employed at hospitals, public health clinics, and schools. SalaryScan dentist salaries broken down by type of ownership

When studying the figures by practice type, earnings were highest for dentists at private group dental practices, with an average annual salary of $354,307. Dentists at public health clinics, schools, and hospitals earned the lowest average annual salary at $184,000. SalaryScan dentist salaries broken down by type of practice

Benefits and bonuses

In addition to annual salaries, about 50% of dentists surveyed by reported getting a bonus. Among these dentists, the most common bonus was retirement benefits (53%). The next most reported bonus was profit sharing (49%). Other bonuses included cash, a company car, trips, and stock options. SalaryScan most common bonuses for dentists

Of the respondents, 55% receive paid time off, with an average of 19 days. The second most common fringe benefit reported was health insurance at 53%, and dental insurance came in third at 27%. Other benefits included vision, paid parental leave, and other types of paid leave. Salary Scan most common benefits for dentists

Student and practice loan debt

Of the participants, 22% reported having student loan debt. The average student loan debt among these dentists was $145,421.

However, debt amounts varied considerably depending on a dentist's age. Of those age 35 and younger, 70% of dentists had student debt, and dentists with debt in this age range were strapped with an average of $257,000.

For dentists between the ages of 36 and 44, 42% had student debt and carried an average debt of $184,000. Only 16% of 45- to 64-year-olds have student loan debt, with an average debt of $82,000. SalaryScan dentist student and practice debt broken down by age

As for practice loan debt, 29% of the dentists surveyed by had practice debt, with an average amount of $408,730 for borrowers. In the 35 and younger group, 60% had practice debt, with an average of $525,000, which they expected to pay off in nine years.

Of the 27% of 45- to 64-year-olds who reported having practice debt, the average amount they owe is $428,000. The average amount of practice debt they owe is larger than those in the 36 to 44 age group, which is $381,000.

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