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Dear DrBicuspid Member,

The stories on DrBicuspid this week echo what you probably already know: It's a tough time to be a private practice dentist. From our SalaryScan survey to new data from the ADA Health Policy Institute (HPI), dentists say they're working harder for less pay. Perhaps that's why many of you want to know if it's time to sell your practice. 

See all of these stories and more in our top stories from the week:

  1. Our annual SalaryScan survey reveals what dentists are earning, or as is the case in this year's results, not earning. *Bonus: Play with our SalaryScan interactive charts.

  2. Despite being busier than ever, dentists' incomes aren't showing it, according to data from the ADA HPI.

  3. New research in mice has revealed a potential role for metformin in managing periodontitis.

  4. Hesitant to sell your practice because of to-dos you want to accomplish? Kevin Cumbus may put your mind at ease.

  5. Is your practice protected in case of a catastrophic fire? Colette Johnson offers tips on what to look for in a commercial property insurance policy.
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