Assault claim led to arrest of 2 men running an illegal practice

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A sexual assault allegation led to the arrest of two men running an illegal dental practice, one of whom was working as an unlicensed dentist at the location for 20 years in Texas, according to a story published on December 5 on ABC 13.

Alberto Alanis Flores and Jose Alfredo Uzeta, a Mexican national, were charged with practicing dentistry without a license. Also, Uzeta was charged with indecent assault.

During a court appearance on December 5, Uzeta said that he was seeing approximately eight patients, all of whom were referrals, daily. Uzeta reportedly charged $3,000 for braces that would typically cost up to $6,000, according to the story.

On December 4, police showed up at the office where the men were practicing in Houston to follow up on a report of a sexual assault. A woman reported that during an appointment, she was massaged and a kiss was attempted. While investigating the accusation, police learned the men were practicing dentistry without licenses. Police also purportedly found condoms in a work area at the makeshift dental office, according to the story.

No business or dentist’s name was posted on the door -- there was only a sign marked “Private.” A tenant who rented the space next door told authorities that the door of the unlawful dental practice was always locked and sounds of “drilling or doing things like a remodeling” could be heard coming from the practice, according to the story.

Uzeta remains in jail after he was unable to post a $50,000 bond. Flores was released after posting a $15,000 bond.

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