Man arrested for running illegal at-home dental practice

A 31-year-old man remained in jail without bond on March 20 for purportedly operating an illegal dental practice from his Indiana home without a required dental license, according to multiple news stories.

Freddie Phillipe Pascual. Image courtesy of the Jackson County Sheriff's Office.Freddie Phillipe Pascual. Image courtesy of the Jackson County Sheriff's Office.

Freddie Phillipe Pascual, also known as Freddie Chapin, of Seymour, IN, was charged with practicing dentistry without a dental license and criminal mischief. More charges may be pending, according to police. Police began investigating on March 19 when officers received a tip that Pascual may have been operating an illegal dental office in a home. After obtaining a search warrant for the home, police found evidence, including dental instruments, medications, cash, and ledgers, that suggested dental work was being done at the location, according to reports.

Pascual isn't the only one arrested for running an illegal dental practice in the last few months. In January, Monica Davis was arrested and charged with illegal practice of dentistry for reportedly running an unlawful veneer business at a beauty parlor in Las Vegas. She promoted her services on social media and promoted having offices in Nevada and Illinois.

Also in January, Enrique Moroni Gomez Vera was arrested for allegedly unlawfully performing dental procedures in the basement of a home in Utah without having a license. On social media, the 32-year-old purportedly stated that he studied the equivalent of oral medicine in Peru.