Drug trafficker identified from a dentist chair selfie sentenced

A drug trafficking kingpin, who police were finally able to identify after he sent a selfie at the dentist to his partner in crime, was sentenced on March 27 to six years and six months in jail, according to multiple news reports.

Khan Gorgulu, who was found guilty of conspiracy to supply class A and B drugs following an eight-day jury trial, had managed to keep his identity a secret until he sent the photo of himself at a dentist office to Giovanni Spada, the purported fellow leader of their organized crime group, which supplied cocaine and marijuana throughout a ritzy area in the U.K. known for being a favorite celebrity locale. The 23-year-old Cheshire, England resident was able to be identified when police found the selfie among messages the pair shared about drug dealing, according to news reports.

On March 26, Spada, 37, also of Cheshire, was sentenced to six years in jail after admitting to conspiracy to supply class A and B drugs.

In January 2021, police began investigating Spada when he was arrested for an unrelated matter. A search of his home revealed quantities of cash, marijuana, and cocaine, as well as drug dealing paraphernalia, including scales and snap bags. Mobile phones used to send text messages advertising drug availability were found during the investigation, according to reports.

However, Gorgulu had managed to stay under authorities’ radar until he sent the dentist selfie to Spada. Gorgulu was arrested in May 2021 following further investigation.

Between January 2021 and February 2022, Gorgulu and Spada purportedly sourced bulk quantities of cocaine and marijuana from across the U.K. and sold them in Alderley Edge, a posh area that is popular with professional soccer players and television stars.

For a two-year period, Spada reportedly deposited more than 47,000 pounds ($59,000 U.S.) into his bank account. Additionally, Gorgulu received payments of more than 33,000 pounds ($41,000 U.S.) during that same period, while purportedly gambling large sums of money and investing in cryptocurrency and stocks, according to the stories.

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