Elastics for braces led to arrest of Md. man

Rubber bands used for braces helped Baltimore police arrest a two-time convicted sex offender for allegedly kidnapping and assaulting a 71-year-old woman in a park in November, according to multiple news reports.

Charles Avon Taylor, 46, was arrested on November 21 and charged with assault, reckless endangerment, a sex offense, and kidnapping, according to a press release from Baltimore police. Police contacted the manufacturer of a pack of elastics used for orthodontics that was reportedly found at the crime scene to track down the only dentist in that area who supplied those particular rubber bands. The dental practice’s employees helped identify Taylor from a police sketch, according to reports.

Charles Avon Taylor. Image courtesy of the Baltimore Police Department.Charles Avon Taylor. Image courtesy of the Baltimore Police Department.

On November 7, Taylor reportedly struck up a conversation with a woman who was on her daily walk on a trail in Leakin Park. Taylor then began following her and his mood changed. Then, he allegedly showed her a handgun, threatened her life, and grabbed her from behind.

She bit him to try to get away, but he purportedly punched her in the face and choked her, causing her to lose consciousness. Then, police reported that he dragged her to an encampment area, where he stayed and used a rope to tie her to a chair. He allegedly kissed and touched her and then choked her, causing her to lose consciousness again, according to the reports.

When the woman awoke, she told Taylor that her glasses had fallen off and he agreed to look for them. After he went to search for the glasses, she untied herself and escaped, crossing a creek and climbing an embankment to a street, where she yelled for help. A motorist saw her and called 911, according to reports.

The woman helped authorities find the encampment, where police found a chair where the woman had been tied along with a rope that was stained with blood. Packets of rubber bands that are used for braces were also found. By contacting the manufacturer of the elastics, police located the only practice in Maryland, which was about 13 miles outside of Baltimore, that supplied them.

Police brought a sketch of the alleged attacker to the dental practice, and employees reportedly recognized the suspect as Taylor. The victim also identified him, according to the stories.


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