3M ESPE launches blog

3M ESPE has launched a blog, Dental Insights, in which Keith Haig, director of marketing and professional relations for 3M ESPE, discusses trends and news in the dental industry.

The blog invites dental professionals to give their own views as well. Haig has posted his thoughts on topics such as innovation in dentistry, mobile device usage, and the ethical implications of company giveaways. He has also explained the science involved in several 3M products and invited readers to be candid in sharing their opinions of them.

"We place a lot of value in communicating directly with dental professionals, and this blog gives me an opportunity to do just that," Haig said. "It's an important vehicle for two-way communication, and we are eager to hear more input from professionals -- not just about our products, but about how we can make their lives easier and what they think about the industry itself."

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