calculates oral disease risks

PreViser has released, an Internet tool that calculates objective numeric scores for oral disease risk and severity, according to the company.

myDentalScore generates scores for gum disease risk and severity, oral cancer risk, and restorative risk and needs based on answers to a simple health questionnaire. Reports graphically display the numeric scores and provide valuable systemic health information related to oral health status. The goal is to increase awareness of oral health needs and better compliance with dentist recommendations.

The company is offering two versions of the utility. The Dentist Edition is designed to be hosted on dentist websites to help patients better understand their care needs. The Enterprise Edition is offered to dental insurance companies, large employers, disease management companies, and nonprofit organizations that have an interest in promoting oral health.

A one-time setup and registration fee of $50 will be charged for both the Dentist and Enterprise editions. Dentists using PreViser's evidence-based clinical technology will pay no other fees beyond setup. Non-PreViser dentists will be able to post to their practice websites for as low as $8 per month, the company said.

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