Invisalign maker responds to free gun with aligners deal

Invisalign maker Align Technology has released a statement saying that it was not involved in a North Carolina othodontic practice’s "Grins and Glocks" promotion in which a patient received a free gun or gun range membership with the purchase of its clear aligner therapy.

Align was not aware of the deal offered on November 8 and 9 by Gladwell Orthodontics, which has offices in Wake Forest, North Raleigh, Downtown Raleigh, Rolesville, and Southpoint Mall, in partnership with the Youngsville Gun Club & Range in Youngsville, NC. Additionally, since Invisalign-trained doctors are independent practices, Align Technology wasn’t involved in developing or approving the deal, according to a statement the company gave to DrBicuspid on November 13.

“For more than 25 years, Align has been helping doctors transform smiles and change lives through healthy beautiful smiles using Invisalign aligners, and this promotion does not reflect our brand purpose," according to the statement.

The promotion, which entailed a patient receiving a free Glock 19 or a membership to the gun club if the person signed up to be treated with Invisalign, may be over, but the buzz around it has lingered. Some found it ironic for a healthcare provider, like an orthodontist,  to partner with a business that sells a product associated with injury and death.

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