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Raise your hand if your practice is above average. Go ahead -- raise it.

More than 90% of hands just went up. But the fact is, by definition, only 50% of practices can be above-average (90% of people think they are above-average drivers, too!)

Patients feel the same way. They all want to think that the dental practice they see is above-average -- hopefully way above-average.

Richard H. Madow, DDS, and David M. Madow, DDS.Richard H. Madow, DDS, and David M. Madow, DDS.

Having excellent clinical and customer service skills is imperative, but even with those it can be tough to spread the word. A great way to also be perceived as a trusted expert is to be the "official dentist" of something.

Google "official dentist of" and you will find all kinds of results.

Drs. Rich, Smith, and Tart are the official dentists of the Carolina Ballet.

Dr. Michael Bleyzer is the official dentist of the Rockland Boulders. (We have no idea who the Rockland Boulders are, but presumably people in Rockland do!) [Editor's note: The Boulders are an independent Minor League Baseball team.]

In a little twist, Dr. Douglas Hamill is the official dentist of the Buffalo Jills Cheerleaders! (Maybe it's not as prestigious as being the dentist of the Buffalo Bills, but the picture on his website is much better!)

In perhaps the best connection possible, our good friend Dr. Tim Johnston is the official cosmetic dentist of the Miss Virginia Pageant! Beautiful women with beautiful smiles -- now that's a great one!

How do you get to be the official dentist of something? Ask (it doesn't hurt to offer a discount to all members of the group either).

So give it some thought -- be creative! What can you be the official dentist of? If you are in a large town, start with the major sports teams. Smaller town? Minor league teams love this stuff. But if that is too intimidating, think outside the box a little bit.

Make free mouthguards for the high school sports teams in return for official dentist status.

Offer your community association a 10% member discount to be the official dentist of the Village Green Preservation Society or the like.

It could be anything -- a large auto dealership, house of worship. How about a plastic surgeon with a spa? So many possibilities. Whatever you do, you will be perceived as the expert.

Don't stress if you aren't able to land a nationally known sports team or the Cleveland Symphony. Name recognition is important in a local community. Being the official dentist of something local will help you avoid what we call the four deadliest words in dentistry ...

"Never heard of them."

Trust is vital to potential patients when they're choosing a dentist. A name that is well-known in the community, provided that it's not from the local news police blotter, immediately creates a sense of trust. After all, how could you go wrong as the official dentist of the local Little League Lions?

So please let us know -- what can you be the official dentist of?

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