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From considerations for oral surgeons to early childhood caries to legal issues, the news this week spanned the full range of topics covered by DrBicuspid.

If you use bone grants from Aziyo Biologics, you'll want to make sure they're not part of a recall related to a tuberculosis (TB) outbreak. Also, anyone who works in a dental office may enjoy Dr. Teresa Yang's list of patient behaviors that drive dentists mad. See these and more top stories from the week below:

  • Bone graft materials contaminated with TB were used in three dozen dental and medical procedures, causing infections in five people, including one who died.

  • In an excerpt from her new book, Dr. Teresa Yang shares eight patient behaviors that dentists hate.

  • California Gov. Gavin Newsom signed a California Dental Association-sponsored bill into law that will require plans to disclose whether they are state or federally regulated. The law is designed to help dental offices and patients understand the details of their dental plan coverage and whom to contact if a conflict occurs.
  • An ex-New Jersey Nets player was sentenced to 10 years in prison for his role in a scheme to defraud the National Basketball Association’s benefits plan.

  • Waterpik launched its Sensonic electric toothbrush with advanced sonic technology and a specially designed bristle pattern that hugs the natural contours of tooth surfaces.

  • How can your team help you achieve your practice vision if they don’t know what it is? Dr. Roger P. Levin shares do's and don'ts for keeping your team informed.

  • Dr. Alvin “Dr. Al” Danenberg, a retired periodontist in South Carolina and a DrBicuspid.com contributor, died on August 2 following a battle with cancer.

  • Children’s microbiomes in their dental biofilms play major -- and previously unrecognized roles -- in dental disease.

  • Using tranexamic acid during orthognathic surgery may reduce blood loss and the amount of irrigation fluids needed while also increasing surgical site quality.

  • An Illinois dentist must pay $20,000 in back pay to a dental assistant he unlawfully fired for discussing her concerns about possibly contracting COVID-19.
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