Top 10 stories of 2014: Part 1

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With 2014 coming to a close, is reviewing the most popular articles (by page views) of the year. In part 1, we'll look at articles six through 10, which touched on dental radiography, a new bone repair device, and the dental needs of NHL players, among other topics.

Below are articles six through 10; next week, we'll bring you articles one through five in part 2 of our year in review.

Top 10 stories of 2014

  1. 2014 12 26 13 27 30 70 Goudy Ting 70NHL team dentist stitches players up, sends them back out, May 7, 2014
    Features Editor Donna Domino's profile of Donald L. Goudy Jr., DDS, highlighted a practitioner doing excellent work under pressure. The idea of making and using "breakaway" teeth for professional hockey players with implants is a great marriage of technology and practicality.

  2. 2014 12 26 13 27 29 24 Scaffolding 70New device repairs bone damaged by cancer, periodontitis, March 24, 2014
    This popular article detailed a new device from Norwegian researchers. They believe the device can help rebuild the faces of patients who have been disfigured by mandibular cancer, as well as those with loose teeth caused by periodontitis. The process uses artificial bone scaffolding that determines where new bone tissue will grow.

  3. 2014 12 26 13 27 30 463 Justic Scale 70U.S. Supreme Court justices divided in teeth-whitening case, October 15, 2014
    Donna Domino's report on this contentious case drew a strong reader response. U.S. Supreme Court justices appeared divided during oral arguments in the closely watched North Carolina teeth-whitening case, with some concerned that the state dental board may be unfairly restricting competition for the lucrative work, she noted.

  4. 2014 12 26 13 27 30 369 Boston University Logo 70Sirona, Boston Univ. enter into unprecedented agreement on digital dentistry, October 10, 2014 was fortunate to be at the press conference in San Antonio when this announcement was made. In October, Sirona Dental Systems and Boston University's Henry M. Goldman School of Dental Medicine (GSDM) announced an agreement to enable GSDM to become the first all-digital dental school in the U.S.

  5. 2014 12 26 13 27 30 617 Apple Comparison 70Is film still the dental radiography gold standard? September 17, 2014
    Former Associate Editor Rob Goszkowski's article discussed a study from Saudi Arabia that questioned whether digital really is the victor in the digital versus film debate in dental radiography.

Next week, we'll look at the top five stories of 2014.

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