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With obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) affecting more than 18 million Americans per year, dentists are being urged to play a more central role in screening patients for OSA and related sleep disorders and to work with physicians in treating these patients.

Unfortunately, the majority of U.S. dental schools do not adequately prepare their graduates to screen for sleep disorders. So what are some important signs and symptoms to look out for? Find out in our latest Cosmetic Dentistry Insider Exclusive.

Also in this issue: Think carbamide peroxide (CP) is only good for whitening? Think again. A new study has found that, in addition to being an effective bleaching agent, CP can be used to effectively suppress oral bacteria in patients with special needs. Click here to find out how.

And while many U.S. dental boards have condemned the practice of teeth-whitening services offered by nondentists, the North Carolina State Board of Dental Examiners has gone a little too far, according to the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC). The FTC says the board is harming competition by blocking nondentists from providing these services to residents of North Carolina. Read more.

In other Cosmetics Community news, sugar-free chewing gum has been increasingly associated with oral health benefits. Now a new study has found that using sugar-free chewing gum after whitening could reduce the intensity of tooth sensitivity following in-office procedures. Click here for details.

And contrary to popular perceptions, adolescents do not make social judgments about their peers purely on the basis of the presence of a fixed appliance, U.K. researchers report. Have orthodontic treatments become more accepted among teens? Read more.

Meanwhile, although enamel has long been the primary concern when it comes to bleaching-related damage, a new study has found that the problem could go deeper than that. Researchers from the University of Toronto report that long stretches of bleaching may reduce dentin fracture toughness.

Finally, inspired by an article on DrBicuspid.com, a dental practice in Arizona provided free dentures to a Korean War veteran who was denied treatment by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. And a new fashion trend is sweeping the U.S.: $200 vampire-style fangs fabricated by dentists for Twilight-obsessed teens. Click here and here for details.

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