Dos and don'ts for increasing production: Don't neglect cosmetic services

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In a tough economy, don't neglect cosmetic services

Some dentists have been tempted to de-emphasize cosmetic dentistry in the belief that few people want it in a difficult economy. The truth is that many people place a high priority on an attractive smile and will pursue cosmetic dentistry if the practice promotes it.


Give the office a makeover. Appearance matters. If you want to improve your patients' appearance through cosmetic dentistry, your office appearance should also be aesthetically pleasing. Dentists should update their office décor every few years. Look around your office, reception area, restrooms, and exterior. Does your office appearance convey that this is a place focused on beauty? Or is it time for a makeover?


Don't offer inflexible financial options. In the new dental economy, patients need choices more than ever. The more financial options you provide, the greater the opportunity to increase cosmetic case acceptance. The right financial options, combined with other case presentation strategies, can make an attractive smile and enhanced appearance a reality for more patients.

Roger P. Levin, DDS, is the chairman and CEO of practice management consulting firm Levin Group.

The comments and observations expressed herein do not necessarily reflect the opinions of, nor should they be construed as an endorsement or admonishment of any particular idea, vendor, or organization.

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