Photos of Lennon's tooth billed as 'Rot Star' art

Michael Zuk, DDS, the dentist who bought John Lennon's decayed tooth for more than $30,000 at auction, is selling a series of commemorative prints of the molar billed as "Rot Star Art."

The limited edition series of prints celebrates the anniversary of the Beatles' arrival in the U.S. on February 7, 1964.

In other developments related to the tooth, Dr. Zuk claimed the following:

  • The tooth purchase is being submitted for a possible Guinness record.
  • DNA testing is being planned to cross reference the genetic code with another family member.
  • The tooth is insured by Lloyd's of London through a local representative.
  • A special tribute series of jewelry with Lennon's DNA is being considered.
  • Various friends and family of Lennon have responded to Dr. Zuk's investigations.
  • The tooth has a Twitter following.

Additional information about Dr. Zuk's tooth project can be found on A sample of the Rot Star art also is featured on the website.

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