Dental employee accused of swapping fentanyl for saline

2016 11 07 17 17 11 86 Syringe Vial 400

A dental office employee in Ohio pleaded not guilty on January 10 to felony charges of stealing and tampering with drugs. She is accused of stealing fentanyl from the oral surgery center where she worked and refilling the vials with saline, according to news reports.

Brittany Roehm, who also is known as Brittany Byland, was indicted on the felony charges of theft of drugs and tampering with drugs. She is accused of taking the powerful synthetic opioid pain reliever from Cincinnati Oral, Maxillofacial & Dental Implant Surgery while she was employed there.

In October 2019, the practice manager reported to police that several doses of fentanyl were missing from its inventory. The drugs disappeared between September 6 and October 18, 2019, which coincided with Roehm's employment at the practice.

The investigation revealed that Roehm allegedly emptied the fentanyl vials and then refilled them with saline. She took 10 doses of the painkiller, totaling 470 mL.

Her next scheduled court appearance is January 22.

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