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Dear DrBicuspid Member,

We are one week into the nomination process for the 2024 Cuspies Awards, and we have already received some fantastic submissions in each of our 12 categories. From influencers to the best new products, there are myriad opportunities for to honor some of the people and things that made headlines this year. If you haven’t turned in your nominations, or if want to see the categories we will honor with awards, simply click here. You have until midnight (Eastern time) on Sunday, November 5, to submit someone or something for consideration for one of the 2024 Cuspies. 

One thing you will notice about this year’s Cuspies is that we are honoring dentists and hygienists in terms of training programs and influence, but there are no similar categories for dental assistants or office managers. As someone who speaks to dental assistants at meetings around the world (including the upcoming Greater New York Dental Meeting), I know how valuable these team members are and how dental practices depend on them to operate. 

Were they forgotten when it came to the Cuspies? Absolutely not. 

Will dental assistants and office managers making a difference in our industry be recognized in other very meaningful ways in 2024? You better believe it. Stay tuned for that. I’m excited about what we’re working on behind the scenes. 

Speaking of dental assistants, there have been some new rules enacted around the country that impact how they can work in the dental practice. Make sure you’re up to date by checking out the recent legislative and regulatory changes

After you submit your nominations for the 2024 Cuspies, be sure to check out this article on vaping policies for dental practices. My friend Janice Janssen brought up some great points in the article about the next generation entering the workforce and with it, the rise of vaping. Are you prepared by having the necessary policies in place? 

Finally, if you need a feel-good story to end your week, check out the impact this dentist had on others by playing the piano. It’s guaranteed to put a smile on your face. 

As Halloween approaches, we have some spooky dental-related stories to share with you next week. Plenty of treats await on next week … and I promise none of them will cause any tooth decay.

Kevin Henry
Editor in Chief

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