Week in Review: Lawsuits, TMD risks, and motivating employees

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Happy Friday! Here's what happened in dentistry this past week:

  • A jury awarded $3.5 million to a 5-year-old boy who experienced a hypoxic brain injury due to oversedation during a routine dental procedure at a pediatric dental practice in California. Read more in our top story of the week.
  • More than 100 dentists have sued Zahn Parent, an affiliate of dental service organization North American Dental Group, seeking data that will explain what may have diluted their ownership shares in the firm, potentially hurting their retirement and finances.
  • A recent review found that patients who experience trauma such as wisdom teeth extractions may develop temporomandibular disorders.
  • Dr. Roger P. Levin shared tips for creating an atmosphere where employees' efforts are recognized and appreciated.
  • Finally, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) researchers discovered that one of the most abundant proteins in saliva binds to the surface of select microbes found in the mouth -- shedding light on how salivary proteins and mucus help maintain the oral cavity microbiome.
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