Carestream launches new cloud offering at ADA 2014

SAN ANTONIO - Carestream Dental is launching its CS PracticeWorks Cloud at the ADA 2014 annual meeting. The company is also showcasing its CAD/CAM portfolio, CS Solutions, on the Live-Patient CAD/CAM Stage.

CS PracticeWorks Cloud is Carestream's fourth cloud offering. The platform includes a comprehensive set of scheduling, charting, and financial features that can be accessed anywhere on a device with Internet capabilities.

The cloud version of CS PracticeWorks also includes several features to enhance practices' workflow, such as the Patient Attachments and Doctor's Work Queue functionality, which gives practices the ability to attach any kind of document to a patient record; the eReminders module; and 2015 CDT codes. ICD-10 codes for CS PracticeWorks Cloud also will be available in 2015.

"One of the unique features of using CS PracticeWorks on a cloud platform is that, as we continue to enhance the product, all upgrades are made automatically," stated Matt Ackerman, senior product line manager for CS PracticeWorks, in a press release. Other benefits include secure, HIPPA-compliant storage of patient files, automatic backups, and even fewer physical paper files around the office."

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