Dos and don'ts for online communications: Optimize your practice website

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If you ever use a search engine on the internet, you know that (a) your query will probably bring up thousands or even millions of results, and (b) you won't look at all of them. Web experts know from experience that results near the very top of the search list -- the first page or two of listings -- get almost all the attention. So when you do a practice website, you want it to get a high ranking. The way to do this is with a technical process known as search engine optimization (SEO).


Get expert help. Like dentistry, SEO is a technically challenging and ever-changing field. Unless you rely on someone with strong credentials, glowing reviews, and, if possible, experience with dental practice marketing, you'll end up with so-so SEO.


Don't stop with one-time SEO. Practice marketing is all about online presence these days, so you need to commit to doing it right. Plan on updating your website SEO every six months. Also, find experts who can help you make the most of online directories, local listings, and social media participation.

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