Unlicensed man nabbed for doing dental work at home

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A man who does not have a dental license was arrested on February 21 for performing dental procedures on people in the bedroom of Houston home. He also admitted to illegally practicing dentistry in other states, according to news reports.

Harley Rodriguez-Bonilla was arrested after police officers made an appointment to get a fitting for dentures. The 41-year-old used a bedroom that has an examination room, the police reported.

Rodriguez-Bonilla's assistant took the officers to the exam room, which contained dental equipment and an examination table. After one of the officers got on the table, Rodriguez-Bonilla left to mix up a paste. Then, he and his assistant took dental impressions and told him his procedure would cost $900.

During their investigation, the police also talked to a woman who said Rodriguez-Bonilla charged her $3,800 for upper and lower veneers.

He admitted to police after his arrest that he lives in California and Florida and engages in unlicensed dentistry there as well.

After the judge learned those details, Rodriguez-Bonilla's bond was set at $25,000. The judge also said that a higher bail amount was warranted because he posed an extreme threat to the communities of Texas, California, and Florida and was a flight risk, according to reports.

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