Ormco updates Insignia Advanced Smile Design

Ormco has released a software update for Insignia Advanced Smile Design that offers enhancements for case design.

The orthodontic software and application system combines 3D diagnostic technology and interactive treatment planning for customized solutions.

Insignia 21.7 is now available for download and provides orthodontists with more options for treatment submissions. The upgrade includes new clear precision placement guides (jigs) that are manufactured to fit like a puzzle piece into each patient's occlusal anatomy for a more comfortable bonding experience for patients and doctors, according to Ormco.

The software update also includes the ability to enter patients' bonding date upfront and upload images that can be rotated and cropped and also have descriptions added. It also includes DigiCast -- a digital e-model designed to replace stone models -- and provides model access via the Insignia approver software to help eliminate storage space and monthly fees.

The Insignia 21.7 upgrade means the software is now available in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Polish, and Russian.

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