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1st female case of excessive hair growth in gums reported
February 10, 2020 -- A woman in Italy is the first known case of excessive hair growth in the gums. This marks the sixth documented case of gingival hirsutism in the world, according to a case study published in the February issue of Oral Surgery, Oral Medicine, Oral Pathology, and Oral Radiology.  Discuss
Teen gets harmonica stuck in mouth, documents it online
February 10, 2020 -- A teen from Canada has proved that she would do anything to make her younger cousin laugh when she squeezed a harmonica into her mouth. Unfortunately, she didn't stop to think about how she would remove the instrument, according to news reports.  Discuss
Dentist gets prison for illegal prescriptions, Medicare fraud
February 7, 2020 -- A dentist in Missouri was sentenced to 18 months in prison for making false statements to Medicare and illegally issuing prescriptions for narcotic opioid drugs without a legitimate medical purpose. The dentist provided about 14,000 units of antianxiety and opioid drugs to a woman he had a personal relationship with for more than 10 years.  Discuss
Why is a morning huddle important?
February 7, 2020 -- As a dental coach/consultant, Lynn Leggett hears similar complaints from dentists across the U.S. They typically revolve around the "team" not being on the same page. She frequently responds with a question: "Do you have a morning huddle?" She discusses why a morning huddle is so important.  Discuss
Sugar substitutes lead to long-term changes in rats
February 7, 2020 -- Sugar substitutes, such as aspartame and stevia, may have long-lasting effects on the brain and gut. New research published in BMJ found that rats with in-utero exposure to low-calorie sweeteners had altered insulin sensitivity, gut bacteria, body weight, and even dopamine pathways.  Discuss
50% of opioids prescribed by dentists exceed recommendations
February 6, 2020 -- About half of opioid prescriptions written by dentists in the U.S. exceeded two-day supply recommendations identified in previous research, according to a new study published online February 3 in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine.  Discuss
3 tips for marketing teeth whitening on social media
February 6, 2020 -- About 38 million adults used teeth whiteners in 2019, and the market is expected to grow annually. It's time you use patients' quest for bright smiles to grow your practice. Daniel Lewis, the public relations manager for Ultradent Products, shares tips for marketing teeth whitening on social media for your practice.  Discuss
Former Mo. dental clinic owner-husband gets prison term
February 6, 2020 -- A former Missouri dental clinic owner was sentenced to prison for his role in a fraud scheme with his co-owner wife involving their clinics. She has already been sentenced to prison for multiple fraud schemes totaling more than $1 million in Medicaid payments, failing to pay payroll taxes, and collecting ineligible unemployment benefits.  Discuss
Oral surgeon loses license to settle heart infection claims
February 5, 2020 -- A New Jersey oral surgeon has agreed to a five-year license suspension to resolve allegations that lax infection-control practices at his office led to 15 patients contracting the bacterial heart infection endocarditis, including one who subsequently died.  Discuss
8 steps to help turn around a failing practice
February 5, 2020 -- Dental practices are just like any other business. They can have steady growth, experience ups and downs, or be in a downward spiral. Sometimes, a practice can fall so far down that it's in danger of going out of business. In his monthly column from the Dental Business Study Club, Dr. Roger P. Levin details the steps to turn around a severely challenged practice.  Discuss
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