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Staff raises? This year? Absolutely
March 27, 2009 -- Yes, we're in a recession. And for many of us, those empty chairs are causing some sleepless nights. But rather than tightening our belts, now is the time to invest -- in our dental teams.  Discuss
Tissue-regeneration experts take on teeth
March 26, 2009 -- Regrowing bone and ligaments is challenging enough. Now tissue engineers and craniofacial biologists are working to sprout teeth from scratch too -- and they say success is only five to 10 years away.  Discuss
Mouthguards touted for athletic performance
March 25, 2009 -- The secret to athletic success may be lurking in the dentist's office. The lowly mouthguard, once scorned by professional athletes, is becoming the hot new sports accessory, due to studies suggesting that it not only protects an athlete's teeth, but it can possibly prevent concussions and even enhance performance.  Discuss
Dental team can help kids maintain healthy weight
March 24, 2009 -- A new study has found that dental visits can be a useful opportunity for dental care professionals to provide healthy weight interventions to children.  Discuss
All-zirconia implants hit the market
March 23, 2009 -- Tooth-colored, biocompatible, and made of the hardest stuff next to diamonds, zirconia seems like a natural material for implants. So it's no surprise to hear that they're already being marketed in Europe and on their way to the U.S. But are they better than titanium?  Discuss
Dentist wins first round in Internet review case
March 20, 2009 -- The dentist who sued a reviewer on Yelp.com has won the first round of her court battle. Finding that she has at least minimal evidence of libel, a judge overruled the reviewer's motion to dismiss the suit under a special California statute.  Discuss
My epiphany with Mrs. Z
March 19, 2009 -- Sometimes all any of us really need is someone who will take the time to listen. For Mrs. Z and her bothersome dentures, it was all about her cat.  Discuss
Dentist and reviewer battle it out in court
March 18, 2009 -- The case of a Foster City, CA, dentist who is suing a patient's parents over a review they posted online is now in the hands of a California judge. At issue is whether the review crossed the line from discussing a topic of public interest to defamation.  Discuss
Are government-funded clinics the answer?
March 17, 2009 -- From the media to the ADA, there is a growing call to bring aid to underserved populations suffering from poor oral health. But so far no one has hit on the best way to provide real access to care, says Dr. Helaine Smith in The Mouth Physician.  Discuss
Can caries detection devices prompt overtreatment?
March 16, 2009 -- Numerous studies have shown the ability of caries detection tools to enhance the detection of occlusal lesions. New research suggests they can also trigger more aggressive treatment choices.  Discuss
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