Case report: Prepping teeth with no water spray or aerosols
July 29, 2020 -- With so much talk surrounding COVID-19 and aerosols in the dental practice, Dr. Joe Blaes did some research and discovered a way to prep teeth that not only minimizes aerosols but also reduces the need for an air water syringe in the operatory. He shares his thoughts in this article.  Discuss
Imaging finds tooth decay's root, may lead to ways to fight it
July 28, 2020 -- Atom probe tomography and other techniques revealed that human enamel contains small chemical flaws that may affect the resiliency of the fundamental building blocks of teeth, in a study published on July 2 in Nature.  Discuss
How cultivating emotional intelligence can boost job satisfaction
July 28, 2020 -- Anxieties and conflict can be a challenge in the best of times, much less during a pandemic. Through the process of identifying areas of emotional intelligence in need of attention and growth, dental team members can create a positive culture to achieve career longevity, writes Jill Meyer-Lippert, RDH.  Discuss
FDA update: Naloxone and opioid labeling changes
July 28, 2020 -- Tom Viola, RPh, explains why dentists may want to know about naloxone and why it is being discussed currently by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in connection with opioid use disorder.  Discuss
Photos: Compression treats COVID-19 patient's chest-length tongue
July 27, 2020 -- Clinicians used lingual compression to assist a 40-year-old woman who experienced a severely enlarged tongue, almost stretching to her chest, following prone positioning as part of COVID-19 treatment, according to a case report published on July 16 in BMJ Case Reports.  Discuss
Putting COVID-19 behind you while securing your financial future
July 27, 2020 -- To deal with a loss in patients, which means a loss in revenues, and additional expenses related to infection control methods, dentists and their advisers are planning for the future by developing plans based on past adjustments to revenues and earnings, writes Bruce Bryen, CPA, CVA.  Discuss
Do's and don'ts for becoming a leader
July 27, 2020 -- Some leaders are born, but most are made. So there's no excuse not to become an excellent one for your practice. The traits that make a great leader (e.g., confidence, patience, positive attitude, and vision) can all be developed and perfected over time, according to Dr. Roger P. Levin.  Discuss
2 questions every dentist should ask when building a COVID-19 contingency plan
July 24, 2020 -- After a client contracted COVID-19 and it affected his life and his dental practice, Dr. Marc Cooper is sending an urgent message to dentists about their businesses and the steps they should take now in case a similar scenario should occur.  Discuss
Dentistry's recovery from COVID-19 may have hit its ceiling
July 24, 2020 -- Dental patient volume at offices in the U.S. is hovering at an estimated 71% of prepandemic levels, likely indicating that the industry has come close to the end of its recovery, according to new data released on July 21 by the ADA's Health Policy Institute.  Discuss
The importance of midline in smile design
July 24, 2020 -- Is what dentists know about the midline really what they should be practicing every day? As he continues with the seven deadly sins of smile design, Dr. David Rice, clinical editor for, dives into the midline and his thoughts on it in relation to smile design.  Discuss
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