No hygienist is an island
June 5, 2009 -- Dental hygienists are too often seen as prima donnas or nuisances by many dental practitioners. But knowing how to optimize their knowledge and expertise and make them a valued part of the dental team can bolster your bottom line.  Discuss
Louisiana House passes mobile dentistry bill
June 4, 2009 -- The Louisiana House of Representatives today passed a bill calling for tighter regulation of mobile dentistry. The amended bill falls short of the ban on dentistry in schools originally proposed by the Louisiana Dental Association -- so short that its chief opponent came close to declaring victory.  Discuss
Researchers warn of mouthguard contamination
June 4, 2009 -- Mouthguards may protect teeth from trauma, but the bacteria and fungus they contain are making athletes sick, according to researchers from Oklahoma State University. The mouthguards can become jagged and cause mouth lesions through which bacteria enter.  Discuss
LSU dental students accused of fraud
June 3, 2009 -- Federal authorities have indicted two Louisiana State University (LSU) dental students on charges of submitting fraudulent transcripts and test results to gain admission to the school and receive more than $75,000 in financial aid.  Discuss
Evidence presented for herbal toothpastes
June 2, 2009 -- Is the best new approach to preventing caries actually thousands of years old? Toothpastes borrowing from traditional Indian and Chinese medicine chests showed promise in recent studies.  Discuss
10 reasons why dental claims are denied
June 1, 2009 -- In today's economic environment, nothing can set a dentist's teeth on edge faster than rejected insurance claims. Most dental insurance companies agree, though, that many claims are denied for some common, easily correctable reasons.  Discuss
Cell phone cameras good for dental emergencies
May 29, 2009 -- A team of Korean researchers put three imaging devices to the test and came to a surprising conclusion: cell phone cameras top the list in emergency dental situations when a practitioner is not readily available.  Discuss
Dentists may need to treat pediatric reflux disease
May 28, 2009 -- Have you ever wondered why a patient's teeth seem to dissolve before your eyes? The answer may lie farther down the esophagus. Children with chronic acid reflux are much more likely to have dental erosion than those without it, according to research presented at the recent Pediatric Academic Societies annual meeting.  Discuss
1-800-DENTIST founder calls dentistry 'misunderstood'
May 27, 2009 -- At first glance, you might be put off by the title of Fred Joyal's new book, Everything Is Marketing. But his 20 years' worth of insights about patients and dentists -- and what each of them really wants -- might surprise you.  Discuss
Dentists report income dropping
May 26, 2009 -- An ADA survey finds many dentists pessimistic about their economic prospects these days; a majority reported a drop in income over the past year. But data from a group of dentists' accountants paints a very different picture.  Discuss
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