Nanohybrid composite shines in clinical testing
March 18, 2011 -- SAN DIEGO - N'Durance, a new nanohybrid composite, has produced "excellent" results at the halfway mark of a four-year study sponsored by the manufacturer, according to research presented Thursday at the International Association for Dental Research meeting. Read More
Jewelry a health hazard, even under gloves
March 18, 2011 -- SAN DIEGO - Wearing jewelry under gloves should be prohibited by all dental practices due to risks of tearing, leakage, and microbial cross-contamination, according to research to be presented today at the International Association for Dental Research meeting. Read More
Does tray design affect teeth whitening?
March 17, 2011 -- SAN DIEGO - In a study presented Thursday at the International Association for Dental Research annual meeting, four different bleaching tray designs were all found to be significantly effective in whitening teeth. Read More
Sealing occlusal caries can avert restorative treatment
March 17, 2011 -- SAN DIEGO - Sealing occlusal caries rather than performing a restorative treatment can arrest the caries lesions, according to a presentation on Thursday at the International Association for Dental Research annual meeting. Read More
Researchers eye link between oral bacteria, periodontitis, HIV
March 17, 2011 -- Researchers from the University of Florida are using a one-year, $330,000 grant to try and identify the role of various pathogens in the progression of oral disease among people infected with HIV. Read More
Students favor digital tools for learning radiographic anatomy
March 16, 2011 -- An interactive learning tool developed by researchers at the University of Queensland to enhance the learning of oral radiographic anatomy and interpretation received a warm welcome from dental students at the school who got to test-drive it. Read More
Toothpaste tablets: The end of the tube?
March 16, 2011 -- The dentifrice delivery system has changed little since the first tube of toothpaste was filled more than 100 years ago. But that could change with the introduction of chewable toothpaste tablets, which are less messy and more environmentally friendly. Read More
Physics Forceps take the trauma out of tooth extractions
March 15, 2011 -- A biomechanical reaction is at the heart of this novel atraumatic extraction device, according to a presentation at the recent Western Regional Dental Conference. All it takes is a little patience. Read More
Univ. of Ala. alums find gaps in dental school training
March 14, 2011 -- A scathing report by the University of Alabama School of Dentistry Alumni Association details deficiencies in dental students' hands-on training at the school, citing instances in which clinic rotations involved playing video games with seniors, brushing their teeth, or being told to go to the beach. Read More
Working poor face most financial barriers to dental care
March 11, 2011 -- More than half of employed people in Canada with low incomes fall into the gap between public and private health insurance and hence are not able to access adequate dental care, according to a new study in the Journal of Public Health Dentistry. And the same holds true for the U.S. Read More
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