New lawsuits follow clinic's $10 million settlement
April 29, 2008 -- After settling a multimillion dollar federal case, North Carolina dentists specializing in Medicaid patients now face lawsuits from 13 patients.  Discuss
Do you need cone-beam CT? Part I
April 29, 2008 -- Cone-beam CT offers a huge leap forward in dental imaging. For the first time, you can make 3D images in your own office. But the new machines carry price tags of $150,000 to $250,000. Worth the investment? In this first of two parts, we examine just exactly what the new technology offers and who should take advantage of it.  Discuss
Build your perfect Web site: Part II
April 29, 2008 -- Design is only the beginning of your Web site's life. Learn how to promote and maintain your site so that it brings new patients to your practice, keeps the current ones happy, and saves your staff time.  Discuss
Maryland improves access to dental care
April 29, 2008 -- Maryland hygienists will be able to treat patients without dentist supervision under legislation passed this month in Maryland. The Maryland Legislature also allocated more than $16 million to fund other measures aimed at improving dental care in the state.  Discuss
ADA settles students' lawsuit
April 28, 2008 -- The ADA on April 25 settled a lawsuit brought by 13 University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) dental students accused of helping other students cheat on the National Board Dental Examination. Claiming innocence, the students had accused the ADA of violating their rights to due process.  Discuss
Build your perfect Web site: Part I
April 23, 2008 -- Some practice management consultants say that Web sites are the most cost-effective of all marketing vehicles. But how do you get started? The choices can be daunting, so we talked to some of the leading lights in the field of dental Web site design to offer this practical guide to launching your online presence.  Discuss
SheerVision introduces headlight system
April 23, 2008 -- SheerVision, a provider of surgical loupes and light systems, has launched a headlight system powered by a lithium-polymer battery and charging system.  Discuss
New saliva test might allow easy detection of heart attack
April 23, 2008 -- Heart attacks could soon be added to the ever increasing list of systemic diseases that dentists can detect.  Discuss
Orthodontic treatment effective through teledentistry
April 23, 2008 -- In times when patients don’t have easy access to basic dental care, orthodontic care is even less accessible. Can teleconferencing be one of the solutions?  Discuss
United Concordia adds a dental health center to its website
April 23, 2008 -- United Concordia has added a new feature to its website -- the Smile for Health Dental Health Center.  Discuss
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