Dental education needs more focus on pain, experts say
June 12, 2009 -- The complexities of orofacial pain, combined with a lack of adequate pain education, makes diagnosing and treating chronic conditions such as temporomandibular disorder a challenge. And the situation isn't likely to change any time soon unless dental schools alter their curricula, according to some pain experts. Read More
State loan repayment programs threatened
June 11, 2009 -- As recession-battered U.S. states look for way to trim their budgets, some are eying programs that will affect dental students now and in the future. Read More
LSU dental student pleads guilty to fraud
June 11, 2009 -- A Louisiana State University (LSU) dental student who obtained thousands of dollars in loans after gaining admission to the school by fraudulent means has pleaded guilty to federal financial aid fraud. Read More
Periodontal therapy can relieve arthritis pain
June 10, 2009 -- People who suffer from both gum disease and rheumatoid arthritis can reduce their pain, number of swollen joints, and the degree of morning stiffness with nonsurgical periodontal therapy, according to a new study. Read More
Studies illuminate OCT's imaging potential
June 8, 2009 -- A growing body of research is lending weight to developers' claims that optical coherence tomography can detect dental decay and other oral lesions better than traditional imaging modalities. Researchers worldwide are now digging deeper to see what other dental applications OCT might be useful for. Read More
No hygienist is an island
June 5, 2009 -- Dental hygienists are too often seen as prima donnas or nuisances by many dental practitioners. But knowing how to optimize their knowledge and expertise and make them a valued part of the dental team can bolster your bottom line. Read More
Louisiana House passes mobile dentistry bill
June 4, 2009 -- The Louisiana House of Representatives today passed a bill calling for tighter regulation of mobile dentistry. The amended bill falls short of the ban on dentistry in schools originally proposed by the Louisiana Dental Association -- so short that its chief opponent came close to declaring victory. Read More
Researchers warn of mouthguard contamination
June 4, 2009 -- Mouthguards may protect teeth from trauma, but the bacteria and fungus they contain are making athletes sick, according to researchers from Oklahoma State University. The mouthguards can become jagged and cause mouth lesions through which bacteria enter. Read More
LSU dental students accused of fraud
June 3, 2009 -- Federal authorities have indicted two Louisiana State University (LSU) dental students on charges of submitting fraudulent transcripts and test results to gain admission to the school and receive more than $75,000 in financial aid. Read More
Evidence presented for herbal toothpastes
June 2, 2009 -- Is the best new approach to preventing caries actually thousands of years old? Toothpastes borrowing from traditional Indian and Chinese medicine chests showed promise in recent studies. Read More
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