Is dentistry ready to get more personal?
June 6, 2013 -- While some practitioners take offense at the notion that they already provide personalized care, others contend that advances in genomics are making it possible to enhance patient care. Here's a look at some of the research projects fueling this transformation and what it means for dental professionals today.

EHR Countdown: What's the meaning of meaningful use?
February 20, 2013 -- Starting in 2014, are federal agents really going to raid you in the middle of the night and shut your practice down if you haven't implemented an electronic health record (EHR) system? Health IT expert Mike Uretz reveals the truth about the federal EHR mandate as it pertains to dental practices.

Dentistry at a Crossroads: The big issues
February 11, 2013 -- After graduation, most dentists feel competent performing basic dental procedures. But problems in your practice can arise, usually from poor organizational ability and basic knowledge of good human relations. A practice self-appraisal can have a profound impact on team dynamics and patient communication.

How integrated EHRs can help guide clinical care
February 8, 2013 -- Integrated medical and dental electronic health records (EHRs) offer a number of advantages for clinical and research applications, such as identifying associations between periodontitis and multiple medical conditions that could help guide clinical care, according to a new study in the Journal of Clinical Periodontology.

HIPAA concerns drive cloud-based data sharing
January 30, 2013 -- Do you use Dropbox, YouSendIt, or email to send images and other patient data to your lab or colleagues? If so, you might want to rethink the practice, given the growing emphasis on HIPAA compliance and patient privacy. Maybe it's time to try "the cloud."

UNEP, IADR, WHO hash out dental amalgam's future
January 28, 2013 -- International health and research groups are hard at work trying to craft solutions to the need for better dental restorative materials as global efforts to phase down or outright ban the use of mercury -- and with it dental amalgam -- move forward.

EHR Countdown: The future is here
January 17, 2013 -- Are electronic patient records part of your five-year plan? In this new series, healthcare IT expert Mike Uretz will share his expertise on how to evaluate and select electronic health record (EHR) and healthcare software solutions, structure and negotiate contracts, and provide vendor management and oversight.

Texas legislators to consider new DSO regulations
December 28, 2012 -- Dental service organizations (DSOs) in Texas would be subject to greater oversight under a new bill introduced to the state Legislature on December 21. The measure, which would require DSOs to register with the state dental board, seeks to ensure that dentists provide care without interference from corporate management.

Dentistry 2012: What a difference a year makes
December 28, 2012 -- Several factors conspired to push many of the issues that are changing the practice of dentistry into the public eye in 2012. So how will these issues -- government regulation, healthcare reform, new workforce models, corporate dentistry, and the oral-systemic health link -- affect the industry in 2013?

How will new medical device tax affect U.S. dentistry?
December 19, 2012 -- While most products made by U.S. dental labs will not be subject to the new federal medical device excise tax, sleep apnea devices, snore guards, and the materials and components that labs use to make many items will be subject to the 2.3% tax. In addition, labs and dentists will likely be forced to pass on the increased cost to their customers.

CDT 2013 and beyond: More changes afoot
December 14, 2012 -- The process by which the ADA's Code on Dental Procedures and Nomenclature (CDT) is revised has undergone a revamping itself, with a more broad-based maintenance committee and greater transparency. A number of coding changes are set to take effect next month, many of them related to imaging.

Bridging the gap: When technology interfaces go bad
December 13, 2012 -- As practice management systems become more sophisticated and electronic dental records and dental imaging software become more popular, some dental practices are looking at a best-of-breed approach that requires reliable interfaces between vendors. Logical as this may seem, dentists need to be aware of hidden pitfalls, according to health IT expert Mike Uretz.

Does dentistry really need another diagnostic vocabulary?
December 11, 2012 -- The emergence of two separate dental diagnostic vocabularies is troubling, contends Dr. Titus Schleyer, head of dental informatics at the University of Pittsburgh. How did it come to this, and is there a way to avoid wasting duplicate resources and develop a clinically useful and relevant tool?

Who owns the data?
December 6, 2012 -- In the future, when you visit a medical or dental office you won't be handed a clipboard and paper forms -- all your personal and medical data will be stored on the cloud and easily accessible to your healthcare provider. A good thing, or a HIPAA disaster waiting to happen? Dr. Larry Emmott addresses several ethical issues related to electronic health data.

Diagnostic dental codes: Are we there yet?
December 4, 2012 -- With the proliferation of electronic health records and a growing emphasis on accountability in healthcare, a standardized system of diagnostic coding for dentistry is becoming increasingly important. Now an international work group has developed a new system they say simplifies the process and moves it one step closer to clinical reality.

Leaders in Dentistry: Dr. Margherita Fontana
December 3, 2012 -- Margherita Fontana, DDS, PhD, has launched an ambitious plan to create a tool that will screen children at high risk for dental caries. spoke with her to learn about this project, for which she received a Presidential Early Career Award, and to get her thoughts about the role of CAMBRA in dentistry today.

Molecular saliva test detects oral cancer, diabetes
November 28, 2012 -- A Pennsylvania start-up is gearing up to launch a molecular saliva test that analyzes biomarkers to detect oral cancer and diabetes. PeriRx is now conducting clinical trials of its diagnostic test, which has attracted the interest of the U.K.'s National Institute for Health Research.

DEXIS go optimizes case presentation on the iPad
November 27, 2012 -- The new DEXIS go iPad app, which will officially debut in January 2013, combines many features of the DEXIS Imaging Suite with the imaging elegance of the iPad to enhance patient communication and chairside case presentation.

Eco-friendly toothbrushes clean mouths, reduce landfill
November 26, 2012 -- Two companies have recently launched eco-friendly toothbrushes in an attempt to reduce the amount of plastic sent to the landfills via disposable plastic toothbrushes. The Eco-Dentistry Association calls it an exciting trend.

APHA study: Dental therapists improve access to care
November 9, 2012 -- Dental therapists provide quality care while improving access to care in a cost-effective way, according to a literature review presented at the recent American Public Health Association (APHA) annual meeting. And their participation in school-based programs has been linked to declines in the rate of caries in several countries.

Digital dentistry: The future is now
October 29, 2012 -- Numerous presentations at the recent ADA 2012 Annual Session focused on how to successfully integrate digital technologies into a dental practice, and several key opinion leaders shared their thoughts on specific products and services and why now is an optimum time to consider "going digital."

Digital restorative dentistry becomes a practical solution
October 24, 2012 -- With equipment costs dropping and technology improvements coming at a breakneck pace, digital impressioning is becoming an increasingly attractive and affordable option for general dentists, according to a presentation by the head of technology at the University of the Pacific dental school during the ADA Annual Session.

Study: DSOs provide more affordable care for underserved
October 8, 2012 -- Many in the dental community are questioning a new study -- conducted by a well-regarded economist -- that found that dental service organizations (DSOs) provide lower cost treatment to underserved populations. The report also eschews criticisms about Medicaid fraud and unnecessary procedures that have been leveled against many DSOs.

Photodynamic therapy targets oral dysplasia, oral bacteria
October 4, 2012 -- Topical photodynamic therapy (PDT) -- which combines a photosensitizing agent with a visible light source to disrupt certain cellular processes -- has a bright future in dentistry, providing more selectivity and flexibility when treating patients with oral lesions and microbial diseases of the oral cavity.

Ultrathin 'artificial enamel' may have myriad dental uses
September 21, 2012 -- Japanese researchers have created an ultrathin, flexible hydroxyapatite sheet that could have several applications in restorative and cosmetic dentistry, from preventing decay and restoring enamel to giving teeth a whiter appearance.

Oral-systemic link offers dental hygienists great opportunity
September 20, 2012 -- If dental hygienists don't integrate the growing evidence on the oral-systemic link into their practices, they will have forfeited a great opportunity to define themselves as healers rather than mechanics, according to Casey Hein, BSDH, at the recent Pacific Dental Hygiene Conference in San Francisco.

U.S. oral health crisis needs more attention
September 13, 2012 -- Oral health advocates from around the U.S. converged on Washington, DC, this week to work the halls of Congress, visiting lawmakers, pushing for funding for dental programs and policies, and applauding the progress that has been made to overcome the country's oral healthcare disparities.

Will dentistry go the way of Kodak?
September 7, 2012 -- A decade ago, dentistry centered around the solo practitioner who provided individualized treatment in a personalized setting. Now the profession is morphing into corporate practices and solo/group practices focused primarily on the bottom line. Can this trend be stopped?

Oral health issues gain political momentum in U.S.
August 20, 2012 -- Public health experts who gathered in Washington, DC, on August 17 for a forum on the U.S. oral healthcare crisis clearly agreed on one thing: There is no single solution that will fix the system, which currently leaves tens of millions of Americans without dental care.

New Cerec camera a game changer?
August 17, 2012 -- The Venetian Resort Hotel in Las Vegas was buzzing last week with Sirona Dental Systems' introduction of the newest Cerec AC intraoral camera, the Omnicam. While the Omnicam offers a number of advantages over the Cerec Bluecam, some customers are unhappy with the upgrade costs.

Mixed reviews for ADA's midlevel provider analysis
July 27, 2012 -- Reactions to the ADA's midlevel provider economic feasibility reports released July 25 have ranged from allegations that the report uses inflated costs and ignores the public health program's existing infrastructure to a general consensus that the ADA has taken a positive first step in an evidence-based evaluation of the issues.

PBS documentary spotlights 'ruptured' oral care system
June 27, 2012 -- A documentary that aired last night on the PBS "Frontline" program took a long, hard look at a "ruptured" dental care system in which the poor have little access to care outside of jammed public clinics and hospital emergency rooms and are increasingly turning to corporate dental chains.

DSOs part of the access-to-care solution
June 22, 2012 -- Dental service organizations (DSOs) are not all evil, according to Dr. John Notarianni, who has worked at an Aspen Dental practice in Knoxville, TN, for seven years. He contends DSOs can play an important role in improving access to care for many individuals by giving dentists more time to provide that care.

3D ultrasound: A noninvasive gingival assessment tool?
June 18, 2012 -- A team of engineers and clinical researchers from West Virginia University and the University of Pittsburgh is making progress in their quest to develop a 3D ultrasound system for assessing gingival tissue and inflammation and diagnosing gingivitis.

Shedding light on the link between periodontitis, diabetes, CVD, and more
February 15, 2012 -- Robert Genco, DDS, PhD, believes he's got the big picture... periodontal disease as synergistically bound together with a set of other afflictions, including diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular disease (CVD) -- disorders that burden and kill millions of Americans.

Inflammation key to understanding periodontal disease
Researchers are making big strides on understanding the nature of the bacteria that stimulate gingival inflammation, and the genetic and physiologic foundations that can determine the body's response to that stimulus.

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