Healthy Grid introduces caries-fighting lollipops

By staff writers

June 27, 2014 -- Healthy Grid's new caries-fighting lollipops, called Loloz, will hit the market in the near future.

Loloz lollipops
Image courtesy of Healthy Grid.

The lollipops were developed at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) by Wenyuan Shi, PhD, a professor in the school of dentistry and chair of the oral biology section. After testing more than 1,000 herbs in 50,000 scenarios, Shi selected a form of licorice root that helps kill caries-causing bacteria but has no licorice taste. The herb requires five minutes of exposure to effectively treat one's teeth.

The suggested dose is two Loloz lollipops per day for 10 days, four times per year, according to Healthy Grid. Loloz is undergoing another round of testing by Shi so the company can make specific claims about its efficacy. This round of testing should be complete in the next few months.

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