Patients' confidence for returning to dental care reaches new high

By staff writers

May 3, 2021 -- Patients' confidence for returning to regular dental care reached a new high in April, according to a new report released by the ADA Health Policy Institute.

Data from a poll conducted in April found that 94% of patients are ready to go back or have already been back to the dentist. The poll was performed by Engagious, the Sports and Leisure Research Group, and ROKK Solutions. About 2,000 U.S. dentists responded.

The poll found the following:

  • Patient volume was at 86% in April, the highest it has been since the ADA began polling in March 2020.
  • Few dentists are offering COVID-19 vaccinations; those who are are part of large vaccination events conducted at public health sites.
  • Many dentists have made use of the Paycheck Protection Program. Funds have been used to retain staff and pay for office mortgages, utilities, and practice supplies.
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