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Trump administration to create opioid commission
March 27, 2017 -- The Trump administration is forming a national commission to combat opioid addiction.  Discuss
The role of opioid alternatives in oral surgery
February 27, 2017 -- Postsurgical pain is one of many common fears patients have before undergoing a surgical procedure. Opioids have been the primary prescribed pain medication after dental extractions, but there are too many being prescribed. Dr. Timothy Gocke explores some nonopioid alternatives for pain management, including an injectable option.  Discuss
Is there an ideal dosage of popular sedation drugs?
February 23, 2017 -- Deep sedation may not be needed for third molar extractions and other invasive procedures, according to a new study. After testing various concentrations of midazolam and propofol on 1,000 people, researchers found 3 mg of each drug worked best for the majority of patients.  Discuss
Products to look for at Chicago Midwinter 2017: Part 2
February 21, 2017 -- One highlight of the upcoming 2017 Chicago Dental Society Midwinter Meeting will be the vast exhibit hall, where hundreds of companies will showcase their products. To help you make the most of your time on the floor, we bring you the second part of our preview of new and recently introduced products to look for at the meeting.  Discuss
Henry Schein acquires anesthesia supply company
February 21, 2017 -- Henry Schein announced it has agreed to acquire Southern Anesthesia + Surgical.  Discuss
Which dental anesthetic do anxious patients prefer?
January 19, 2017 -- When your patient has severe dental anxiety but needs treatment, sometimes an anesthetic is called for. Every practitioner has a preference for which anesthetic to use for these adult patients. But, of sevoflurane or propofol, which do patients prefer?  Discuss
Calif. dental board publishes report on pediatric anesthesia
January 4, 2017 -- The Dental Board of California has published its Pediatric Anesthesia Study that examined California's present laws, regulations, and policies on dental sedation of pediatric patients and recommended changes.  Discuss
Top 5 news stories from 2016
December 30, 2016 -- takes a look back at the most-read news and clinical articles from 2016, as measured by page views. Popular topics included a lawsuit against three of the dental industry's largest companies, and the continued support for flossing by dental groups after the release of a critical report.  Discuss
Top 5 columns from 2016
December 30, 2016 -- takes a look back at some of the most-read columns and practice management articles from 2016, as measured by page views. Columns from Dr. Benjamin Burris, William S. Spiegel and Dr. Marc R. Leffler, and Dr. Alvin Danenberg feature prominently.  Discuss
Calif. dental board passes strict sedation changes
December 12, 2016 -- Spurred to action by the death last year of a 6-year-old boy under dental anesthesia, the Dental Board of California has proposed strict new recommendations for pediatric sedation and anesthesia. If the rules are passed by California lawmakers, dentists in the state would have to meet new criteria for personnel, education, and permits.  Discuss
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Second Opinion: Outpatient detoxification for opioid-addicted patients

While steps are needed to reduce the number of prescribed opioids in the U.S., what about those patients who may already be addicted and at risk? In this Second Opinion, Vikram Tarugu, MD, details a detoxification program that may be appropriate for your patients and your community. Read more.

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