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Do's and don'ts for marketing: Set your practice apart, with branding
December 12, 2016 -- Unless your practice is the only one in the community, you're competing with other dentists for new patients. Like it or not, practice success now depends on effective marketing, and the cornerstone of an effective marketing program is a strong brand identity, according to Dr. Roger P. Levin.  Discuss
4 benefits of a strong social media presence
November 3, 2016 -- Between patient care and day-to-day practice operations, social media might easily fall off your list of priorities. However, social media is a power tool, a way to engage patients and present a patient-centric view of your practice, writes Jessica Dahlstrum of Wpromote. She offers four key benefits to having a strong social media presence.  Discuss
The trouble with jumping on the online marketing train
September 14, 2016 -- You hear a lot about how your practice should be marketing itself online. And you should. But as the Scheduling Institute's Jay Geier writes, you can have the greatest website in the world and it will mean little if your practice isn't ready when the phone rings.  Discuss
Court: Ohio dentist's advertising lawsuit can proceed
September 2, 2016 -- An appellate court has ruled that a lawsuit filed by an Ohio dentist regarding advertising as a specialist can proceed. The suit focuses on an Ohio law that forbids dentists from advertising as specialists when they also perform general dentistry.  Discuss
CareCredit offers online advertising tool kit
July 29, 2016 -- CareCredit has released a new online advertising tool kit for dental practice websites.  Discuss
Why dentists need to think like retailers
July 27, 2016 -- Who is at the center of your practice? It's a simple question with a not-so-simple answer when you examine it. The best response, writes Scheduling Institute President Jay Geier, is that your patient should be at the center of your practice. He offers three tips to help you put your patients first and grow your practice.  Discuss
3 principles to avoid the pitfalls in practice ownership
July 26, 2016 -- The single scariest day of Dr. Cody Mugleston's professional life was when he purchased his first practice. While he readily admits he made some mistakes along the way, he also has expanded to six offices. Here he offers three principles to help you avoid his mistakes.  Discuss
The reason you should keep your junk mail
July 20, 2016 -- If you are like most people, marketing mail you receive at your office and your house ends up immediately in the recycling bin. However, there's a better way to look at that mail, writes Scheduling Institute President Jay Geier. Curious? Read on.  Discuss
How to leverage your offline connections
June 23, 2016 -- recently asked Dr. Roger P. Levin of Levin Group and Bekkah Vidal of Wpromote to share their thoughts about offline or community marketing. They discuss the real-world marketing of your practice, how to create goodwill in the community, and more.  Discuss
Blind Spots: After practice purchase, now what? Part 3
June 10, 2016 -- In this three-part series, practice management consultant Jan Keller explores what dentists who have recently purchased a practice can do to avoid common pitfalls and facilitate lasting success. In part three, she discusses practical patient communication, billing, and marketing ideas.  Discuss
What's your practice worth?
The average current value of a practice is . How much is your practice worth? Find out now!