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4 practical ways to win the stress game
July 19, 2018 -- Dr. Roger P. Levin explores practical ways you can tackle stress in his latest monthly column, based on the most thought-provoking topics from the Dental Business Study Clubs, an organization focused on the business of successful dentistry. This month, Dr. Levin shares ways you can decrease and manage your stress.  Discuss
7-year trends for U.S. dental production: Part 1
July 18, 2018 -- It's always an excellent idea for dentists and team members to know what numbers are making an impact on their practice's bottom line and to have some numbers for comparison to see how well you're doing. Alitta Boechler of Sikka Software looks at the seven-year trends of five key numbers in the first of a two-part series.  Discuss
Smile Brands partners with 7 Nev. practices
July 18, 2018 -- The dental service organization Smile Brands has announced a partnership with the P3 dental group in Nevada.  Discuss
5 key performance aspects for new dental office receptionists
July 17, 2018 -- Does your practice need to hire a receptionist? Have you thought about the receptionist's role and how the team member can rock the position's responsibilities? Laura Hatch, founder of Front Office Rocks, has thought about it and offers five key performance aspects for new receptionists.  Discuss
Do's and don'ts for negative feedback: Handling unsatisfied patients
July 16, 2018 -- Even under the best circumstances, patients can become dissatisfied. So it's inevitable that you will have to deal with unhappy patients. Remember that a problem is an opportunity to improve performance. When an issue is resolved quickly and properly, the relationship between the practice and patients can be maintained and strengthened, notes Dr. Roger P. Levin in his latest Practice Success tip.  Discuss
Survey your patients for higher hygiene numbers
July 13, 2018 -- Is there a way to help start the conversation with your patients about needed treatment and also boost your practice's hygiene production numbers? Practice management consultant Jen Butler suggests having your patients fill out a hygiene practice survey, which will help your practice zone in on patient concerns while opening the treatment discussion.  Discuss
ADA predicts more dentists through 2037
July 12, 2018 -- The number of full-time dentists in the U.S. is projected to increase through 2037, according to a new ADA Health Policy Institute (HPI) brief. The new estimates are the latest from the institute and an update to a similar report from 2016.  Discuss
4 ways to digitize the front of your office
July 12, 2018 -- You might have brought in advanced technology to your practice, but have you given the same attention to the technology in your waiting area? Matt Gibbs of UPshow offers four ideas to bring technology to the front of your office that will entertain patients and maybe help reduce their dental anxiety.  Discuss
The real cost of inadequate exams
July 11, 2018 -- An inadequate exam can have repercussions for patients beyond their immediate oral care issue, writes periodontist Dr. Alvin Danenberg. He relates a phone call he received from a friend with pain in his upper left molar area.  Discuss
Inspire Medical's sleep apnea treatment gets Aetna coverage
July 11, 2018 -- Inspire Medical Systems announced that Aetna will provide coverage for its Inspire therapy for obstructive sleep apnea.  Discuss
What's your practice worth?
The average current value of a practice is . How much is your practice worth? Find out now!