AI is here, and it will make dentistry easier

By Theresa Pablos, editor in chief

March 2, 2023 -- During the Chicago Dental Society 2023 Midwinter Meeting, DrBicuspid Editor-in-Chief Theresa Pablos sat down with three dental industry leaders who are working on technologies that use artificial intelligence (AI) to improve patient care and make your job in the office easier.

Panelists included Nikki Dean, director of strategic accounts at Pearl; Dr. Christopher Balaban, vice president of clinical affairs at Overjet; and Paul Hao, chief product officer at Henry Schein One. They shared what excites them about AI, how they keep data secure, and why more dental professionals should be learning and using new technologies in their practice.

In the video below, see what they had to say.

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3/2/2023 3:31:52 PM
AI is indeed a game-changer in many ways, and no less importantly than for addressing childhood tooth decay in disadvantaged and underserved populations who typically have limited access to professional dental care and where telehealth platforms can be utilized with AI and remote imaging technologies. It can help facilitate the needed paradigm shift from mass fluoridation of public drinking water to targeted individualized care where needed most. Water fluoridation merely mass medicates with no dose control, no respect for individual health conditions or informed consent, no follow up for efficacy or side effects, and is imposed on the individual whether needed or not, rich or poor, Black or White or in between.

3/2/2023 4:09:22 PM
Most dentists are unaware of where the fluoride that is added to the tap water actually comes from. The attached pdf is an annotated Certificate of Analysis of a fluorosilicic acid (FSA) shipment in a tanker truck to a major U.S. city. It is typical. Note the contaminant arsenic in the FSA that gets added to drinking water for its fluoride ion content. The supplier was the Mosaic Company in Florida at one of their phosphate mining and fertilizer manufacturing facilities. The FSA is the washdown from the smokestack scrubber systems that are installed to capture air pollutants during the fertilizer manufacturing process.  I learned this about 14 years ago, employed as an engineer at a municipal drinking water treatment plant. Now the current science is showing fluoride exposure from ingesting artificially fluoridated tap water can be just as harmful to the earliest development of the human brain as lead.  Not good. Teeth can be repaired; an early developing brain is a different story. 

3/2/2023 9:34:43 PM

3/3/2023 1:45:36 PM
Dentists have lots of neat tools to help them help their patients, and they deserve a lot of credit for embracing those advances. 
On the other side of the coin, the fanatical devotion to artificial water fluoridation schemes (and even fluoride treatments) is a black eye for the profession. Fluoridation, in particular, causes misery for millions, and any perceived benefit is somewhere between inconsequential and imaginary. 
Download 2017 IAOMT Position Paper Against Fluoride Use here: 
Browse Annotated Bibliography of about 200 studies published since 2015 here: