Thought Leaders in Dentistry

3 tips to help dentists and hygienists work better together
October 30, 2020 -- As October and National Dental Hygiene Month ends, Dr. David Rice, clinical editor for, discusses how dentists and hygienists can form a closer working relationship that will benefit patients and the practice's bottom line. He shares three tips that have helped him in his own practice. Read More
Do's and don'ts for case presentation
October 26, 2020 -- It's true that patients are less likely to accept treatment in difficult economic times. For effective case presentation, it's essential to lay out all the health benefits of treatment, as well as all financial options, writes Dr. Roger P. Levin in his latest Practice Success tip. Read More
Why now is the perfect time to look at your malpractice insurance
October 23, 2020 -- Dr. David Rice, clinical editor for, has a word of advice for all dentists: Know what is going on with your malpractice insurance and where you stand in the event it is needed. As he begins a series designed to educate dentists of all ages, he looks at the different needs of a young dentist versus one who has been in the industry for some time. Read More
5 things you can do to make your next hiring move a success
October 20, 2020 -- Many dental practices are currently looking to hire a new team member. In this article, consultant Lynne Leggett shares her advice on what is needed for a successful interview and hiring process. She also shares one of the biggest mistakes she sees when dental practices are ready to hire a new team member. Read More
Do's and don'ts for problem-solving
October 19, 2020 -- Shutdowns, low patient volume, and so on have forced practices to become resilient and creative. And now is no time to stop. Living through this pandemic is like being on a roller coaster, and leaders who are willing to work to come up with effective solutions will have a much easier ride, explains Dr. Roger P. Levin. Read More
The power and ritual of the morning meeting
October 16, 2020 -- Even though the concept of the 10-minute morning meeting was introduced about 40 years ago, it's still relevant today, says Dr. Roger P. Levin. However, he also believes the agenda and focus of the meeting must change in the wake of COVID-19. In this article, he gives advice on how to make your morning meetings more successful. Read More
How milling, scanning can become an asset for your patients
October 13, 2020 -- Dr. David Rice, clinical editor for, has seen what the collaboration between two dental technology companies has meant for his practice and patients. Now he's sharing his thoughts on why dental milling and scanning should be a part of your plans for your practice. Read More
Do's and don'ts for managing feelings
October 12, 2020 -- It has been several months since the start of the COVID-19 crisis, and things are still very uncertain. Uncertainty is a breeding ground for many emotions, including fear, anxiety, and even anger. Having these emotions while you're running a busy dental practice is not ideal. However, you're human, and being upset is sometimes unavoidable, writes Dr. Roger P. Levin. Read More
Let's talk about production and problem-solving in your practice
October 8, 2020 -- For Dr. David Rice, clinical editor for, the end of the year represents a potential "perfect storm" in the dental practice. It starts with communicating with your patients (before and during their visit) and it could end with happier and healthier patients. He gives some advice on how to get started, including what it means for the dental hygienist. Read More
The 14 'splinters' this dentist warns patients to keep in mind
October 7, 2020 -- In this article, Dr. Alvin Danenberg describes why he talks to dental patients about the "splinters" that might be in their mouths and what they need to combat them. He hopes the words he shares here will give his fellow dentists some ideas on how to discuss these issues with their own patients. Read More