Trashed human teeth lead to arrest

Handcuffs Fingerprinting

A woman in Arizona was arrested for allegedly operating a dental practice at her home without a license after an investigation led to the discovery of human teeth in her garbage, according to multiple news reports published June 20.

Geraldine Goez, 32, was charged with fraudulent schemes and managing a dentistry practice without a license.

The investigation began after the Arizona State Board of Dental Examiners received a complaint alleging that Goez was practicing dentistry without a license at her home.

Additionally, she reportedly advertised dental care services at her home on Instagram. She also allegedly showed pulled teeth and other dental equipment on Instagram, according to the stories.

After obtaining a search warrant, investigators inspected the trash at Goez’s home on May 22. The search of the garbage purportedly revealed several dental tools, empty vials of local anesthetics, and five human teeth.

Inside her home, police reportedly uncovered a dental chair, x-ray machine, and other dental supplies, according to stories.

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