CarieScan PRO upgraded

The CarieScan PRO early caries detection device
(3D Diagnostic Imaging) is sporting new functionality upgrades designed to improve performance and usability.

The CarieScan PRO measures the carious state of teeth using the AC impedance spectroscopy technique, according to the company.

With the new upgrades, each measurement now takes less than a second, which is down from five seconds on the previous version, the company noted. In addition, the classification reading of the 0-100 scale has been further simplified into High, Medium and Low (H,M,L) probability categories, with specific advice for each identified category to help the dentist with caries treatment and intervention support.

The CarieScan PRO registers seven times fewer false positives than its closest competitor, minimizing the potential to drill on healthy teeth, according to 3D Diagnostic Imaging. It not only indicates when restoration of a tooth is required, but also specifically locates the lesion.

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