Nev. latest state to introduce fee-capping bill

Legislation recently introduced in Nevada could prevent insurance companies from capping fees for dental procedures not expressly covered by their policies.

SB 350, filed March 21, puts Nevada in the company of over a dozen other states that have introduced similar legislation or have already passed it.

The legislation states that "a contract between an insurer or a self-insured governmental entity and a dentist for the provision of dental care to insureds must not include a provision that requires the dentist to charge no more than a fee set by the insurer or self-insured governmental entity for a dental service that is not a covered dental service under the applicable policy or plan."

In addition, it prohibits an insurer from providing de minimus coverage for dental services to avoid the bill's provisions.

The bill specifically exempts certain providers from its requirements: "Health maintenance organizations and managed care organizations that provide health care services to recipients of Medicaid under the State Plan for Medicaid or insurance pursuant to the Children's Health Insurance Program pursuant to a contract with the Division of Health Care Financing and Policy of the Department of Health and Human Services."

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